Parrs Engineering

Automotive and Practical Engineers Since 1906

At Parrs we have a keen eye for detail and with the capability to cut and weld steel and non ferrous metals we can offer bespoke solutions and services. With the machine shop and onsite forge we can offer a unique take on your requirements.


Material choice is vital to get the required strength, longevity and asthetics and sometimes a combination is required to get the desired end product. This is why we pride ourselves on the range of work we carry out.


Please get in contact to discuss your needs whether this is a simple repair or a one off project.

Processes we cater for include:-



TIG ac/dc


Gas welding and cutting


Bronze Welding

Lead Burning

Silver Soldering

Soft Soldering 

We can work with the following materials and more:-




Stainless Steel

Cast Alloy Repairs

Cast Iron