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Maintenance and Servicing


Whether your vehicle is a cherished classic or a much loved daily driver the correct maintenance is vital to ensure longevity, reliable running and reducing the chances of breakdown. On a modern vehicle correct oil changes and servicing will help to extend its life and prevent faults from becoming a more serious problem. On older vehicles servicing is equally important, many vehicles would have required a service every 3000 miles sometimes less and this can make a big difference in the way they perform and handle. Our services are thorough and are tailored to your car to ensure it gets the care that it needs. Phone us to discuss your requirements.


Oil and Filter Changes

Timing Belts and Drive Belts


Health Checks


Dual Mass Flywheels


Suspension Bushes and Springs


Diagnostics and Electrical Fault Finding

With cars becoming more and more complex, with several computers installed in them, it can often be a daunting prospect when they go wrong. You may notice the car losing power or entering a “limp mode”, a warning light illuminating on the dashboard or a useful function not working. Any of these could be caused by a mechanical fault, a faulty sensor or even a broken wire. We have the latest equipment and know how to sort these faults. We can carry out diagnostics and fault finding on the following and more.

Engine Management

Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

Traction Control

Electric Power Steering

Electronic Stability Control

Central Locking

Charging System

Start-Stop System

Glow Plugs

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)


We carry out repairs to keep your vehicle on the road. Our in house fabrication and machine shop facilities allow us to carry out repairs to rare or obsolete parts that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. They also give us the option to reproduce some obsolete parts where a correct replacement can’t be sourced.


Metric and Imperial Thread Repairs

Bearings Changed

Differentials Overhauled

Gearboxes Repairs

Shaft Surfaces for Oil Seals Repaired

Carburettor, Distributors and Dynamos repaired

Soft soldering and Silver soldering

Obsolete parts manufactured or repaired

Cast alloy repairs

Starter Motors


When it comes to tow bars the array of options such as swan neck and fixed flange, permanent and removeable. We can advise you on the best options for your needs. We also fit vehicle specific electrical kits to your requirements including 7 pin and 13 pin. We can also repair and rewire trailers to ensure that your lights and split charge systems are hassle free.



Tow Bars Fitted

Trailers repaired and rewired

Towing Electric kits both 7 pin and 13 pin.